at the Butterfly Barn — and of land
 protection programs by our sponsor
 organization, the Delaware Highlands
 Conservancy — is to encourage
 conservation efforts by local

  Second graders from Honesdale, PA link hands around Pennsylvania's largest black maple tree on private land protected by the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

  Active blue heron nests near Hawley, PA in a privately owned swamp are now protected by a conservation easement granted to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

In our fast changing region, the survival of native plants and animals will depend on our care in maintaining traditional habitats — of forest, farms, wetlands, and clear streams.

Already. in the Upper Delaware River Valley, legal tools called “Conservation easements” have
enabled the Conservancy to protect
over 10,000 acres of private forest and farmland.

For information about easements,
click the Conservancy’s web address:


The small butterfly on this page (that’s also on the home page) was drawn by Cassie, a 4th grader in Damaascus, PA.

The large butterfly (top) is by Ben, a Blackburg, VA pre-schooler.