Spring Visitors

March 26-April 1

Spotted Salamander

The first warm rains of March, if they last into nightfall, entice scores of amphibians to forest pools – where they mate, lay eggs and return home in a week or less.

The Spotted Salamander, surfacing for air (as seen here), had labored across a dangerous rural road to its remembered pool. “Home” is an underground forest burrow – roomy enough for its 7-inch lodger.

spotted salamander
This spotted salamander has affectionally been nick-named Snoopy. 

For more information on these creatures, see the links below:
http:// www.massaudubon.org/ Nature_Connection/wildlife/ index.php?id=58

http:// www.adirondackguide.com/ articles/ article.asp?ArticleID=31

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The large butterfly (top) is by Tara, a 2nd grader in Honesdale, PA.

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