About the butterfly barn

Two decades ago we set up a nature center in a sunny room near the Delaware River in Wayne County PA — in a bank-barn built in 1913 by Charles Dexter, a Union Army war veteran.

In addition to free nature programs at the barn — and increasingly at schools and community centers — we rescue monarch eggs and larvae from endangered habitats. Local children help to nurture and release about 450 adult butterflies a year.

When monarchs are plentiful we invite families to care for and hatch a monarch chrysalis at home. And we join biologists in tagging autumn migrants. A decade ago a small male wed reared #117JG turned up on a Mexican mountainside, 2250 miles from the Butterfly Barn.

Community Programs, at the barn and offsite, range from puppet shows to astronomy and wildflower walks.

Childrens Corner, recently added to the website, encourages art by local children and brings it to their schools.

butterfly barn nature center

The large butterfly (top) was drawn by Maggie, a 4th grader in Honesdale, PA.

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